How to Get Hard to Reach Places Clean 

For those of us that like our homes to be as squeaky-clean as possible, it can be frustrating to have those small particularly hard to reach areas around the house eating away at the back of your mind. Rather than struggling away trying to get them as clean as possible, there are actually a few handy tricks that you can use to clean them quickly and, most importantly, effectively. 

So, why don’t you join me for a little while as I help you to keep those hard to reach places nice and clean. 

Cabinet Tops 

It can be easy to forget to clean the tops of your cabinets, but they’re actually quite susceptible to buildups of dust and grime, particularly in the kitchen where they can even accumulate grease. The best defence against ending up with gross cabinet tops is to dust them regularly. Now, don’t worry about having to craft some sort of ladder out of your kitchen chairs, you can get long handled dusters that will let you clean these tops without having to incorporate some form of gymnastics – just make sure to get the kind with a pivoting top. 

If you’ve left it a bit of a while since you last cleaned your cabinet tops, the good news is that you’ll still be able to clean it, but the bad news is that it will take a bit more effort. Use a sturdy ladder or step to reach the top of the cabinets and wipe them down with warm water and surface cleaner. Make sure to dry with a different cloth once you’re done. 


There’s no denying that blinds can be a bit of a pain in the neck to clean properly without damaging them. A very simple trick is to wrap some damp cloths around each side of a pair of tongs. When you pinch these tongs on the blinds and move them along, you’ll clean both sides well and you’ll avoid bending or damaging the blinds in the process. 

Window/Door Tracks 

The frames and tracks of windows and doors can be something of a haven for muck, dust and various detritus, and to make it even worse it can be hard to clean them properly. But fear no longer! You can actually get them pretty clean with just a hoover and a toilet roll tube. Put the toilet roll tube around the nozzle of your hoover and then bend the tube to perfectly fit the track, this will let you easily pick up the looser bits and pieces. 

Once you’ve hoovered you’ll probably still have a fair bit of grime still on the tracks. To remove this, use a solution of warm water, dish soap and ammonia with a hard bristle brush to scrub it all out. This will take a bit of a elbow grease, but you’ll really appreciate the difference it makes. 


Taps and shower heads have become notorious for being hard to clean properly, but if you stick to a simple routine you shouldn’t have any more troubles with them. Fill a sandwich bag with a few small cups of baking soda and vinegar and then wrap this around the offending tap or showerhead. The reaction between the two ingredients should help to dislodge and remove grime, hard water build-ups and soap scum. Leave this on for a few hours before removing and scrubbing with a toothbrush.  

You won’t have to do this process every week, a clean with a cloth and a brush will be suitable most of the time, but when you start to notice some build up and grime it is time to break out this solution. 

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