How to Grow Your Own Kitchen Herb Garden 

There are few things that achieve the same purposes of style and function as simply as a small herb garden in your kitchen. Not only are fresh herbs the absolute best way to cook, but they also add a bit of life to your kitchen and smell great to boot. So, if you’ve been thinking of spicing up your kitchen with a little flavour, then look no further than this short guide on how to grow your own herb garden. 


To keep your herbs nice and healthy you’ll need to make sure that you’re keeping them in pots that suit them well. All your herbs should be kept in separate pots and one of your priorities should be making sure that the pots are big enough and have enough holes to allow for easy drainage. You should also consider keeping these pots on saucers so that you don’t make a mess or damage surfaces when watering them. 


Like with all plants you’ll be wanting to keep your herbs in their ideal temperature range so that they can stay healthy and grow well. For the vast majority of herbs, room temperature is an appropriate temperature for them to be at and you should make sure that they’re getting plenty of sunlight. Don’t worry about them getting too cold on a windowsill at night, since most herbs will be perfectly okay with that. 

Basil is the one real exception and should be kept at warmer temperatures to stop the leaves from wilting and going soft. 


Feeding and watering your herbs is an essential part of keeping them healthy and, most importantly, alive! Ideally, you should get in the habit of watering your herbs about two or three times a week. The herbs will do best with a slow watering that gets the whole herb and its soil wet, so try not to pour out the water too fast or it may just run straight through the pot without doing any good.  

The environment of your home will have an impact on how regularly and thoroughly you’ll need to water your herbs, so adjust your schedule appropriately depending on how hot or humid your indoor environment is. 

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