How to Add Your Own Style to a Rental 

Living in a rented property is the reality for the vast majority of people and, unfortunately, that means that for a lot of us we don’t have much freedom when it comes to decorating our homes. Unless your landlord is particularly open, it is unlikely that you will be able to paint or make any other more permanent changes to your home. 

So, how exactly can you make your home feel like a…well… home?  

Decals and Panels 

One of the major disadvantages when decorating a rental property is that you most likely won’t be able to add your own personal flair in the form of painting the walls or putting up some wallpaper. A neat workaround that will protect you from the unbridled wrath of a perturbed landlord is to use wall decals/stickers to add a bit of your own personality. These stickers are very simple to apply and they’re easily removable without leaving a mark.  

You could also try hanging some wallpapered panels to make a statement and break up the room. 

Linen and Upholstery 

A very simple but effective way to add some personality to your home is to use some interesting and appealing linen and upholstery on your furniture. This can often distract from the plainer surroundings that you’re not able to change, and you can even do this for furniture that has been included as part of your rental – just make sure to keep the originals so that you can put them back on again when you move! 

Use Frames and Pictures 

Hanging photos, pictures and other framed things on your walls is another great way to put your own stamp on your home, without making permanent changes. Liberal use of these can compensate for poor choices in paint or wallpaper, and this can even be used to create a feature wall to draw the eye. Before trying this, do make sure that your landlord has not placed any limitations on the type of fittings you can use. 

Invest in Great Lighting 

When I’m talking about great lighting I don’t mean fill your rooms with plenty of bright lights! Using unique or striking lamp designs can make a big impression and warm-toned lighting can make even the most poorly decorated room feel cosy. Changing out the lampshades on your ceiling lights is also another way to make your home yours, but again remember to hold on to the originals so you can switch them back when you move. 

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