Tricks to Freeing Up Storage Space 

Sometimes it can seem like you never have enough storage space and, believe me when I say, that feeling can be even worse when you live in a home with limited space. Despite the frustration that comes with struggling to find a place with all your things, there are actually a few tricks that you can use to make things a little easier for yourself. 

Be Brutal 

The very first step you can take to help you manage with limited storage is unfortunately also one of the hardest. If you don’t have the room for all your things, then you should consider what you need and don’t need to keep. The trick here is to be as brutal as possible – if something isn’t going to be used and doesn’t serve any sentimental value, do you really need it taking up your limited space. If you really bite the bullet you might be surprised at just how much stuff you are able to get rid of. 

Rearrange Furniture 

Sometimes you might actually have much more room than you think you do. Rearranging your furniture to maximise floor space and open up room for storage, can be one of the most effective ways to manage a limited amount of storage options. For example, rearranging your sitting room to allow for another bookcase or a coffee table with internal storage is a really simple solution. 

Add Some More Storage! 

When you don’t have much storage space, the simplest solution is to add more! But, what if you don’t have any more room? Well, the trick is to try and use multipurpose furniture and maximise your space. There are lots of choices out there in furniture that incorporates storage as part of its design. Common examples include chest storage coffee tables, under seat storage (including couches and armchairs) and window benches. 

It is also worth considering investing in some storage that can be put out of sight as well. There are lots of under bed storage options that are practical to use, and you can even get some to go under your couch – although if your couch is on raised legs then that might be less than ideal! 

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